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Horizon Electronics Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of power supply solutions. With a rich history spanning over 5 decades, our commitment to innovation, precision, and quality has established us as a trusted partner in diverse sectors, ranging from industrial and medical to defense and more.

Together with our Subsidiary, TITAN Power Systems, we specialize in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing power supply solutions that cater to the unique demands of diverse industries and are designed to operate even in the harshest environments.

Side by side with our signature products, we propose an enhanced solutions portfolio. Standing as a leading distributor, our pride extends beyond our own products.

50+ Years of experience
50+ Years of experience
Thousands of products and<br />
systems delivered
Thousands of products and
systems delivered
In-house R&D<br />
In-house R&D
Field-proven & highly<br />
Field-proven & highly
Wide range of power - From<br />
100W to 100KW
Wide range of power - From
100W to 100KW
All power solutions<br />
under one roof
All power solutions
under one roof

Our Solutions Portfolio

Experience the difference with Horizon’s products – where reliability, innovation, and performance converge to create the ultimate power solutions.


Our legacy shines through in our exclusive line of products, specifically designed to meet the most demanding operational requirements of the markets we serve.

Ranging from voltage converters and stabilizers to specialized laboratory power supplies, our offerings represent the pinnacle of power solution technology. By understanding the intricacies of each application, our portfolio ensures that every client finds their ideal power solution.


Side by side with our signature products, Horizon offers an enhanced solutions portfolio. Standing as a leading distributor, our pride extends beyond our own products. We represent the finest global brands, ensuring clients can access the most advanced products for each application.

Our distributed portfolio is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. Our understanding of the market’s needs, our in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, and our ability to tailor power solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements, together with partnering with renowned brands and marketing their state-of-the-art solutions, empower us to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of top-tier power solutions tailored to every conceivable need.

Our Capabilities

We offer a wide range of power solutions to meet your unique needs. Whether you require off-the-shelf options, modified configurations, or fully customized systems, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver the perfect solution for you.


Advanced power supply solutions designed for the laboratory setting, ensuring clean, stable, and reliable power for all types of laboratory equipment. Our products provide precise voltage control, surge protection, low electrical noise, and high efficiency, essential for protecting sensitive data and instruments in research environments.
Robust power supply solutions cater to the complex needs of industrial applications, offering scalable and reliable power for machinery in any setting. Our portfolio includes voltage stabilizers, converters, and specialized supplies designed to minimize downtime and enhance efficiency, tailored for everything from factory automation to extreme conditions.
Health Care
High-standard power solutions for the healthcare sector, emphasizing safety, reliability, and compatibility with medical instruments. Our products are designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of life-saving machinery, adhering to strict safety standards and focusing on long-term reliability.
Military & Space
Durable and reliable power solutions for military and space applications, where there's no margin for error. Our military-grade solutions support advanced defense systems and withstand extreme conditions, while our space-grade products offer radiation tolerance and long-term reliability for satellites and spacecraft, ensuring mission success with uninterrupted power supply. For our non-Israeli customers, please visit our subsidiary - Titan Power Systems, at https://www.titan-power.com

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