Powering your progress with Horizon Electronics, we offer advanced solutions for reliability and excellence across every sector.


In the demanding world of laboratory applications, the power supply solutions provided must be as sophisticated and reliable as the equipment they support.

Our laboratory power solutions are designed to deliver clean, continuous, stable, and reliable power, essential for a wide range of laboratory equipment – from high-precision analytical instruments to advanced research apparatus. Our products are designed and built to provide precise voltage control and protection against power surges, ensuring the integrity of sensitive data and the longevity of expensive laboratory instruments.

With low electrical noise and high efficiency, they are suitable for even the most sensitive applications and ensure seamless integration into any research environment.

A glimpse into our offering

In the ever-evolving realm of industrial applications, reliable and robust power supply solutions are paramount. The complexities of industrial machinery, with its intricate networks and high-performance demands, necessitate scalable and consistent power solutions that stand the test of time and rigorous conditions. Horizon’s portfolio, boasting voltage stabilizers, converters, and specialized power supplies, ensures that your machinery receives consistent, clean power, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

From compact power supplies designed for factory automation to durable power supplies engineered for extreme environments, Horizon Electronics provides tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industrial sector.

Health Care

In the vital healthcare domain, where life-saving machinery and critical applications are essential, power solutions that meet the highest safety and performance standards are paramount. Healthcare applications demand power solutions that guarantee zero interference, absolute reliability, compatibility with sensitive medical instruments, and adherence to stringent safety standards.

Focusing on long-term system reliability, Horizon’s power solutions for healthcare applications are designed to minimize stresses on components during operations, ensuring uninterrupted, safe, and efficient operation of life-saving machinery.

Military & Space

In the ever-changing world of military and space applications, with its growing threats and escalating challenges in which there is no margin for error, Horizon stands at the forefront with its resilient, reliable, and rugged power solutions.

Meticulously engineered and already integrated into some of the most advanced defense systems in the world, our cutting-edge military-grade power solutions demonstrate unprecedented operational capabilities and withstand extreme conditions across air, land, and naval operations. 

Our space-grade products are engineered with an emphasis on radiation tolerance, temperature extremes, and long-term reliability to deliver vital power to satellites, space probes, and spacecraft.

For our non-Israeli customers, please visit our subsidiary – Titan Power Systems, at https://www.titan-power.com/

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